OK first you’re being a total dick right now,

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↳ Bring Me The Horizon [3/5] » Jordan Fish

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can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed

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"Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels."

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the props and outfits in porn are amazing

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Track: Blurred Lines (Reversed - Read Description)
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I was mucking around with Audacity, listening to songs in reverse. For the fun of it, I put on everyone’s favorite song, Blurred Lines. And shockingly, I heard something I had never expected to hear. Robin Thicke was fooling us this whole time. He wasn’t trying to be misogynistic, he wanted us to listen closer to the song and understand that he in fact does believe his lady partner needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

You might find it VERY hard to believe, but I implore you to listen very closely (with headphones if you can, because it can be hard to hear). The message I’m talking about comes in around the 30 second mark.

After the 30sec mark I just kind of stared at my wall for the rest of the song trying to accept what I just heard.

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Went kayaking with my girlfriend and we made the cutest friend!

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Jack Barakat from All Time Low in Blitz Kids European Tour Documentary - Episode 5 (x)

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